Well, by way of introduction, in our view, it is not really about us.

It is about stepping back and doing something that counter programs the trends that alarmed us ten years ago. Eastern Serenity was started in 2003 by a pair of ex-bankers that decided to back away from service to the inexorable money games designed to entrap, confuse, and swindle individuals and thereby enrich a lucky few who increasingly control the choices available for everyone.

The idea was to work with small producers (generally working by hand) and present their creations directly to the public.  Bypassing corporate tithes, we are guided by the cooperation motive instead of the profit motive.  Our collection is entirely sourced in Thailand from individual artists, family groups, and small businesses that survive based on the ability to generate original designs and high-quality  hand-made products.

The transaction prices are set in order to secure a fair and livable wage for the small producers with whom we work.  Our main offices are in Chiang Mai, Thailand, so we see our suppliers regularly.  Our buyers are part of the community there, and not popping in on an international flight.  Our watchwords are honesty, authenticity, fairness, and a terrific determination to side with the families and groups that are operating beyond the reach of multinational corporate control.

Above all, our collection fascinates us and we hope you can find something that appeals to you as much as we enjoy providing it for you. We welcome all discussion of the products we carry now and what people would like to see in the future. Please feel free to contact us by phone at 800.641.0137, by fax at 415.276.5885 or at info@easternserenity.com

Thank you,
Eastern Serenity

Eastern Serenity Corporate Headquarters