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We set out to pursue other agendas, based on human values of authenticity, hard work, and to take advantage of modern technology to make it possible with a small crew. The idea was to work with small producers (generally working by hand) and present their creations directly to the public. The vexing and ridiculous intricacies of small business have provided challenges that caused us to face adversity and work in harmony with staff, suppliers, and we hope, customers.

We always try to work with small companies in every aspect of our work. We use a local ISP for our internet in Santa Fe, a small but excellent printer in Maine, and we buy our computers and supplies from specialized dealers. Plus, we love love love the US Postal Service, the greatest expression of democracy ever conceived.

Eastern Serenity Company
Eastern Serenity Company
Eastern Serenity Company
Eastern Serenity Company
Eastern Serenity Company
Eastern Serenity Company
Eastern Serenity Company


Our catalog production and product buying team is based in Northern Thailand in Chiang Mai. We ship our products to the customer from Santa Fe, NM. While one town is lush green, and the other majestic desert sky, they are both out of the way extraordinary places. We control every step in the shipping process ourselves. We inspect and pack everything in Thailand, then unpack and re-inspect everything in Santa Fe when it arrives. Then, once again, before the individual items are shipped out to the customer, Scott and Rose make sure everything is perfect.


I’m always happy to get the Eastern Serenity catalog, always looking forward to the fabulous new jewelry and fashion they come up with. I have fun with the girls on the phone and Rose, Scott, and David in the warehouse. I’m always happy with the customer service and if an issue (size or fit) ever arises it’s always fixed with a smile and a laugh. I’ve been a happy customer for years.
-Donna from Kankakee IL

I have a lot of experience in choosing jewelry and this is favorite jewelry catalog. They have an uncanny ability to find one-of-akind pieces for a really great price with great quality. They have the best selection of original, artistic little works of art in their jewelry and other pieces. The phone and warehouse staff are easy to talk to since they’re such a small company and everybody knows each other. I know Rose the warehouse manager and David on a first name basis.
-Nadine from Venice FL


  1.  MICKEY, our dog on our policy page for the last ten years, is there to indicate that we are a small company, because no big company would ever put a dog’s photo in a catalog. Unfortunately Mickey passed away in 2012 during the week we opened our store. Fortunately she had three puppies that are still in our office and soon the photo will change.
  2.   Our graphic designer once caught dengue fever a week before the press date of a catalog. She finished on time using a laptop in the hospital while getting a transfusion of four pints of blood.
  3.  We lost an entire container never to be seen again during a military coup when tanks were in the street.
  4.  Adam and David, the owners, have been best friends since they met in college over 30 years ago.
  5.  The shipping crews in the logistics companies around Chiang Mai call David “Mai Nak”, which means “not heavy” because thats what he always says no matter what they have to pick up for shipment.
  6.  Our models have been from Europe, England, Thailand, Singapore, Russia, Australia, North America and South America. Many are mixed parentage.
  7.  The first clothing line was launched after we wore it to a tradeshow and while the decor items on display did okay, everyone really wanted to buy the shirts off our backs.


Eastern Serenity Company

After wandering through the byways of corporate America, I took a leave of absence from a job in finance to visit a friend in Thailand in 2002. I’m still on that leave of absence. The opportunity to live in another culture so far removed from the familiar seemed like a once-in-a-lifetime shot, so here I am. There are always challenges in trying to capture the physical beauty of our hand-made products and present it as it deserves in both catalog and web form. The ES team is very enterprising and pragmatic in finding home-spun solutions to any sort of problem from IT to photo shoot lighting, etc. Working with Thai teammates who have taught me and continue to teach me the nuances of the Thai and Buddhist culture along with my Thai wife of 10 years who continues to correct me on that and everything else is the education of a lifetime.


The Team - Pui

I started working with them since the company was in Bangkok where my home town is. There were only 4 peoples together in the office with a little golden retriever “Mickey”. Then we moved to Chiang Mai and became I spend my life here for 10 years. I start to grow and learn with this company. And now I prefer to work here and see this little company growing as the small business that supports many of small local families. We all tries things together, some mistake, some good luck. I can see the different world of people who are around me, my colleagues, suppliers, models in all different nations. We come together even though we are all unique and different. We still keep thinking about new idea to satisfy customers and work with suppliers learning every day and trying to improve little by little. Working as buyer, I have to meet many suppliers who create the wonderful piece of products which I rather called them “artist”. I can see how much everyone tries hard to making nice things to support their family and fulfill their happiness. Most of our products are handmade. I am really happy to see the suppliers who we working with growing their business at the same time with us as we all learning and try to improve together. Good selling products and the good reviews always make me smile! Please not forget to give some comment for us to improve or review when you like it. I really enjoy to read all of them.

ES is my life starting journey. Here helping me to start having income and feel certain enough to start my own family. Last 10 years when I start working here, I didn’t have even boyfriend. But right now I got married and have 2 boys. So my family is growing up together with this company and my colleagues who I called them real friends. Beside my family I do having them for 10 years also. When my family has the problems, I will leave it behind and come to work. That’s helping me to feel better by have the 2nd family here.For sure, working for 10 years; we have so many problems. But the problems mean fun and challenging. I pay attention on my work with fun and happiness. I don’t know how long I will keep working here. I think it’s up to how long the customers will walk beside us.

The Team - Run
The Team - Ni

I started working with ES in Graphic designer position. Actually, I prefer to be a photographer but at that time they already have a photographer. He is really good and have very good camera. I started to learn from nothing, borrowed my friend’s camera for practicing for a year. Finally, in 2009, I had a chance to take the cover photo for Holiday catalog. Since then, I became a real photographer for ES, so I started to do my dream job and it’s really challenging me to improve my skill every day.

With my colleagues, they must really enjoy having me working here. As I was the youngest one when I started, they do like teasing me with fake ghost and snake. That’s really making me crazy and worried when I have to walk to the bathroom alone. My colleagues always concern and try to help me be a better lady as I am a country girl and have no idea how to dress up. They try to make sure I wear the right clothes that fit my body type. And it’s our office traditional that everyone can pick our own birthday lunch restaurant. So, those are the first time that I start to have Japanese food, Steak or even Korean BBQ. After a year passed by, I start to buy my first house.

The Team - Aim
The Team - Kan

Es is the place where I learn a lot about new things. Working here is really helping me to improve my working skill, Socialize, language and culture. I get new experience about Marketing, programming, Software and hardware maintenance. Thanks ES for this experience

The Team - Tik

ES is my 2nd home. ES making me having income to support my family, the house, and the car including have the good life. I am happy to have good colleagues. We passed so many things together. Good or bad but we can passed though it together. I really enjoy to working with everyone here and know how to work with the team.

The Team - Scott

Scott and I have been happily married for 22 years. Five years ago we decided to leave the East Coast behind and come to Santa Fe, NM with our two children. We started working at the Eastern Serenity store and it was a wonderful experience to learn about the beautiful handmade pieces and the small producers that make them. Scott and I now manage the warehouse and send all the orders and handle customer inquiries. We really enjoy getting to know our customers on a one on one level and hope to continue in the years to come.
-Scott and Rose-

The Team - Rose
The Team - Nami

I work at Eastern Serenity on the phones. I’ve been working here for about four years now. If you call in to place an order, I might be the one to pick up the phone! Eastern Serenity was the perfect place for me to work because it helped me pay my way through college. The jewelry is beautiful and the clothing is comfortable. Ask any questions you have about to products over the phone and we can help answer your questions. I can't think of anything else to say other than 'my crazy manager sends funny short youtube video clips to make us laugh

The Team - Tae

I was born and grow up in Chiang Mai. My family sells low cost clothes from China in the main market in Chiang Mai. I help my mom business since I was young. When I started working in ES, I surprised that the products I never interest became very popular in foreigners eyes. The traditional clothes, silver that I feel familiar and grown up with. My attitude about the local products starts to change. Now I can see and really appreciate with handmade products. I get excite every times when we are making the new catalogs. Its mean there is more new things from my local became the wonderful items for my customers

The Team - Kaylee

Working at Eastern Serenity has really been a great experience. Rose our shipping manager and I really strive to see customers happy. I enjoy seeing all the unique and beautiful clothes and jewelry that we offer. This job has also made me able to take care of my family and enjoy times with my friends. I am really grateful for the opportunity to work here.

The Team - Liny

In addition, Eastern Serenity will offer good things to the customer but more than that, the company also provides many things to me. I can work well under pressure. Many times I can offer ideas as well as their own business even though there is only a small business, but it is warm and it is a great company for me. Eastern Serenity makes me learn to work as a team so this entire make me happy with this work and I always pay attention to the little things, to provide something valuable to the people around me. All of this is the most precious thing that Eastern Serenity gave it to me.

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