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Tiny Spirit House

TINY TEAK SPIRIT HOUSE These intricate hand-carved teak houses are Thai spirit homes or ‘saan phra phum’. The people of Thailand believe that each plot of land contains local spirits in residence. When people build a new house or business this spirit must be offered a miniature abode to prevent any celestial interference in the household proper.

Carved Soap Flowers

CARVED SOAP FIOWERS Carved by hand from single solid pieces of fragrant soap for decorative purposes only. The flower varieties include orchids, roses, dahlias, hibiscus, and hyacinth. Firmly set in carved mango wood compacts with lacquered and hand-painted flower design covers.


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EASTERN SERENITY is an independent project that strives to bring beautiful things to interested fellow travelers. Our collection is produced by individual folk artists, village groups, and micro-businesses owned by single families.

We don’t purchase from wholesalers, dealers, or middlemen. We are not part of any corporate structure, and do almost everything ourselves. We select all the products, take all the photographs, as well as packing and shipping everything out of our own distribution center.

Over the years we have had well over 100,000 satisfied customers. And yet, our staff is less than a dozen long-term team members.

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