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Single Segment Rectangle

Single Segment Rectangle

Single Segment hand-carved floral panel. Can be displayed vertically or horizontally.One of the many handicraft traditions in Lanna (Northern Thailand) is the hand-carving ofsegmented teak panels that have become design favorites among Thais and world travelersalike. Like many Lanna carvings, the imagery evokes natural iconography with an eyetoward the spiritual realm. The branches, leaves, and blossoms embody pastoralregularity while a Lotus bud center and the hidden geometry of a Mandala wheel shapeprovides a divine harmonic to complete the form. Hand-carved Teak wood with a lightclear-coat lacquer finish. All of the teak wood in our panels are sourced from registeredsuppliers who reclaim teak wood from old barns, homesteads, and other structures nolonger in use. Each design may differ slightly as each artist has a unique approach.

Sku : TP203NW90
Colors : Dark Natural

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