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Mortar And Pestle

Mortar And Pestle

Thai Kitchen Style. The mortar and pestle were used by many culturesthroughout pre-industrial history to grind food andmedicine; the Thai stone "krok", or mortar and pestle,first entered Siamese culture in the twelfth century. Itssimple, practical form is carved from solid granite, andconvincingly indicates that it is sturdy enough for prolongedand vigorous use. We appreciate the eleganceand perfection of design that makes a beautiful andextraordinarily useful kitchen fixture. Necessary forthe ultra-fresh staples of Thai cooking, they are vitalto grinding the varied spices that give these deliciousdishes their unique bite. Ours are cut from granite andhand finished in Northern Thailand.

Sku : KA101TT15
Colors : Granite Two-tone
Size : H 5" W 6"

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