H 21" Dia 26" Rain Drum

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    Bronze Rain Drum with Frog DetailThese magnificent tables are known as rain drums for both the fertility images depicted in the design and for the unique sound they make when struck by the heavy monsoon rains of Southeast Asia. The drum shapes replicate huge bronze artifacts manufactured over thousands of years by the Dong-son civilization in Southeast Asia. A radiating raised sun pattern in the center of the drum head is surrounded by concentric rings of geometric patterns moving toward the edge. Four triple frog embellishments are suitable for supporting a glass top, thereby allowing the drum to be used as a table. The sides are decorated with leaf images and three small elephants climb up the side. The 13 by 18 drum has a smooth top (no frogs) because it is often used as a stool. These images are cast bronze, handmade in Thailand by traditional methods.

    Size : H 21" W 26" L 26"

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