Circle Coral Pendant

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We live on the cool outer shell of a world on fire. This burning world has been spinning for over four billion years. To our eye it seems quite stable, and it makes sense to plant a garden or paint the garage. But sometimes, without regard to our daily errands, the flaming rock slips through the cracks and rearranges all that is commonplace. On those occasions even the peaceful floor of the wide blue sea can be shoved skyward into the open air and buried in molten lava. We usually think about this while waiting in line for coffee. Extensive eruptions of volcanic debris throughout Indonesia have repeatedly buried coral reefs in the offshore waters. As the sea floor is incorporated into new landmass, chemical reactions between the coral, volcanic ash, and buried forests can, in rare and lucky instances, preserve the full pattern and character of the original coral skeleton. Over an unimaginable period of time, the once-living coral is replaced, molecule by molecule, with inorganic minerals. The jewelry on this page started as coral polyps from an offshore reef. The very essence of the coral remains, echoed in mineral, while the material that was its body has been completely replaced or transformed over the last 20 million years. The coral has not been preserved, is has been replaced. They are now agate (silica) instead of calcium carbonate. We offer the very best specimens of these historical artifacts straight from the jungles of Indonesia. A handful of the finest shapes, colors and matching earring stones are selected out of thousands that are put aside. While our production process implements uniformity in polyp shape, size, color and sharpness, every stone is unique and differences should be expected. The stones are then set in sterling silver and available in Goldenrod or Ivory shades.

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ColorGoldenrod, Ivory
SizePendant Dia 1.25"
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