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Zafu And Zabuton Tatami Weave Set (Spring)

Zafu And Zabuton Tatami Weave Set (Spring)
This is our heaviest-duty dry-cleanable Zafu and Zabuton cover. Made of wickedly durable weave cotton/poly fabric that mimics traditional Tatami woven bamboo with sturdy zippers they can handle intense use. This cushion cover set has a reusable interior cotton-covered cushion filled with traditional kapok, the old-school sustainable stuffing. The cover of the interior cushion is additionally eco-conscious in that it’s made from the randomly colored (with the cover on, you will never see the interior pillow) fabric remnants accrued at the collective which produces our other pillows. This set will last until you reach Nirvana.
Sku : FP849GR99
Colors : Spring
Size : Set 16" Diameter, 31"L 26" W 3"H

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