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Wide Spiral Pendant

Wide Spiral Pendant

Hand-made Karen Style. On the border of Thailand and present day Myanmar (formerly Burma) live the Karen people, a lost and persecuted society. Numbering about seven million souls, they are culturally distinct from the surrounding Burmese and Thai peoples, having their own language, traditions, and history. Though they supported the Allies in WW II,the Karen were abandoned when British Burma was granted independence under the rule of a different tribe. Traditionally slash and burn farmers, they have abandoned these unsustainable practices and now survive by working for low wages in surrounding countries and by promoting the output of several determined handicrafts unions.Their most famous products are handmade silver jewelry. Made by distinct family units (with their own unique designs) the artists use unmixed, 99% pure silver because it is impossible to work adulterated silver by hand. Even Sterling silver (92.5%silver, 7.5% copper) is too hard for hand shaping. Karen silver jewelry is therefore the purest silver jewelry you can buy. This jewelry is produced by an indomitable people, living in a sustainable way, surviving by making beautiful art with their families. We just love the stuff and hope you will too.

Hill Tribe Silver

Sku : HTP01S34CH
Colors : Silver
  • Silver Silklook Cord  

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  • Gold Silklook Cord  

  • Silklook Cord  

  • Brown Leather  

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  • Braided Leather  

  • Braided Cotton Silver Caps  

  • Alternating Beads Sterling Silver  

  • Loop Chain Sterling Silver  

  • Gauge Snake Sterling Silver  


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