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Mulberry Paper Square Gift Box Sets

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Mulberry Paper Square Gift Box Sets

Now we get calls all the time from excited customers who would like us to send the boxes withoutthe product. Setting our dismay aside, this holiday season we are offering sets of our handmadepaper boxes for those interested in using them for private, non-EasternSerenity, gifts. Our gift boxes are made from the leaves of mulberry bushesthat are used to cultivate silkworms. Occasionally the leaves must bestripped off to renew the nutritous buds to grow better silk. The leavesare then pulped and set by hand in frames to dry in the tropical sun. Theresulting paper stock is strong, richly textured and long lasting. Due to itshandmade origin, there is no mass market for this paper - there just simplyisnt enough of it. This holiday season we are offering a choice of two sizesof nested sets of six boxes each.

Sku : MP301BL25
Colors : Blue / Light blue
Size : H 8"X W 9" TO H 3" X W 4"

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