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Monday Buddha Pendant

Monday Buddha Pendant

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Thai gold day of the week Buddha. The statuettes inside the enclosed globes are produced by temples in Thailand by melting down donated coins, medallions, and statues. The head monk then blesses them and the Thai people support the temple by purchasing these blessed amulets. The statuettes are encased in airtight acrylic globes closed with a 22 carat (92% pure gold) seal. Traditionally, you would wear the Buddha posture that corresponds to the day of the week on which you were born. Similarly sized Ganesh and Kwan Yin statuettes are also available encased in proportional gold globes. The statues themselves are not made of gold, but rather formed from an amalgam of the donated metal on the day the temple casts the statuettes.

Thai Gold Western preferences for subdued colored shades of gold jewelry usually dictate a gold proportion that varies between 50% (12 carat) and 75% (18carat) gold content for necklaces and rings. Many Asian cultures, however, often view jewelry as wearable bank accounts, calling for rather higher precious metal content in order to maximize the value-to-weight ratios.

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