Dispelling Fear
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Dispelling Fear

Burma. Mandalay Style, c. early 20th centuryStanding upon a lotus base and displaying the abhaya (fear not) and varada (liberality) mudras, this colorful image is an attractive example of the cheerful and naive manner unique to the colloquial image. The richly embroidered hem and apron of the monastic robes - and the fact that they are draped formally over the left shoulder - give this image the air of sophistication. But the ingenuous expression - devoid of the spiritual powers that emanates from the metropolitan original - betrays the innocence (and provincial manufacture) of this charming and vibrant statue. Some of the most appealing Buddhist art often originates far from the high courts and cosmopolitan centers and, like this piece, retains an indefinable folk charm. (RN)

Color: Glass
Size: H: 45" W: 11.8" L: 9.1"
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