Buddha, Sukhothai Style

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Thai. Sukhothai Style, Contemporary The Sukhothai image is a wholly original innovation in the history of Buddhist art. Thai artisans drew upon literary sources that compared the Buddhas features to elegant forms of plant and animal life: eyes half opened like a lotus bud, a nose, hooked like a parrots beak, chin like a mango stone, etc. Yet an equal source of inspiration was the practice of mediation with subtle transformation of psychic energies. In the hands of the Thai artists the combination produced an image of almost surreal beauty. The Buddha is depicted in a human form virtually devoid of the bones, muscles or sinews, yet with limbs and torso of such fluid rhythms and elasticity as to suggest the power of an elephant and the resilience of a banyan tree.

Cast Stone There is a particular region of Thailand that has a long tradition of sandstone sculpting. Unfortunately, the number of exceptional artisans has dwindled in recent generations; there is only a handful of artisans left who qualify for the highest level of Thai craftsmanship. Fortunately, Eastern Serenity has been able to locate them and their prot??g??s. In making cast sandstone, the artisans will hand-design the master relief out of clay - a process that might take weeks to complete, depending on the size and detail of the piece. A mold is then made of this original clay master; this can be a very difficult task for our more detailed pieces. This mold is then used to make reproductions of the original. However, as there are many variables this is not a straightforward task. Determining color and strength is extremely difficult. Too much of one mixing agent can make the piece prone to the elements of nature, too little and the casting just will not hold together. We have also determined how to achieve the right coloring effect - whether it is a long-lasting matte color or a finish that will fade naturally and quickly to give the piece a naturally weathered look. Eastern Serenity has spent the time to discover the correct balance of sandstone powder, binding material, and coloring agents to use for the right outcome. Our sandstone pieces are set in frames of local tropical wood, professionally constructed to give you a long lasting wall hanging with a natural, tropical look and feel.

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