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Bronze Singh Guardian Pair

Bronze Singh Guardian Pair

The classic Asian sentinel lion.The traditional Asian lion image, the Singh epitomizes strength and courage. The Singh statue isoften placed at entrances and gates to denote a guardian spirit. This Singh has bold vertical forelegsand sharp, ornate details to signify a flowing mane. They are often seen in pairs at temples throughoutSoutheast Asia. The widest roads in Angkor Wat are always guarded by massive stone Singh.

Bronze Each piece you see here is made individually by our master artisans. The craftsmanship involved creates slight variations in color, finish, size, and shape - a quality we consider to be an added touch of uniqueness. The remarkable detail of our bronze sculptures is due to meticulous and labor-intensive care by Thai craftsmen to produce these unique sculptures of exquisite detail and timeless durability. Buffing, polishing, and patinising give each piece its final green-grey verdigris or bronze luster, which conveys the essence of what we at Eastern Serenity admire in South-East Asian art.

Sku : SB446BZ40
Colors : Deep Bronze
Size : Small ( H: 16.5" W: 5.5" L: 6" )

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