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Thai Expressions

"What it means when they say..."

Thai Expressions

     Taking an expression from another language and translating it literally can be a fun way to look into another culture. The translations themselves may be weirdly amusing at times while they make perfect sense at other times.

      Nonetheless, through the language barrier, we can see the world from a different angle.

      The Thai language, is no exception. Here are some of the things people in the "Land of Smiles" say non-literally.

      "The bald man gets the comb" (receiving something that may be useful to many people but not to the receiver)
      "Run from the tiger, encounter the crocodile" (basically Thai for “out of the frying pan, into the fire”)
      "Until your son becomes a monk" (a mocking expression in allusion to the common Thai Buddhist tradition of monkhood. It usually refers to an embarrassing event or memory that is going to last some time, long enough for you to have a son who has matured enough for monkhood)
      "A strand of hair obscures the mountain" (a simple thing overlooked because of thinking too much or not looking at it in the right context)
      "to teach the crocodile to swim" (to teach someone something they already know well)

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