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About the sea-colored stone


1. Aquamarine is a variation of Beryl (Beryllium Aluminium Cyclosilicate) that comes in shades of blue and cyan.


2.The largest natural aquamarine crystal was found in Brazil in 1910 with a staggering 19 inch length and 17 inch diameter.


3. The most common colors of aquamarine crystals are pale pastel and greenish blue, giving them a distinct sea-like look. 


4.With its color being related to the sea, a plethora of traditional folklore applies the beliefs of wearing aquamarine stone as the symbol of good fortune and protection, especially for travelers taking their journey on and over water.


5.Relatively, aquamarine is the Latin word for seawater.


6.  The largest cut aquamarine jewelry is the Dom Pedro Aquamarine, in exhibition at the National Museum of Natural History.


7. Aquamarine is believed to have healing elements and protection, along with rejuvenating the love of long-time married couples.


8. Water is valuable to all life on Earth and the March Birthstones named after this life-giving natural resource pays a great tribute for us all symbolizing our gratefulness towards nature.

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