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Bamboo Drawstring Hamper

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Bamboo Drawstring Hamper

Natural Bamboo AccentThe Cadillac of baskets. Flat bamboo strips are herringbone woven into a square-bottomedbut rounded-top basket. Thicker bamboo shoots are then coiled tightly to form a supportingring and a pair of opposing handles on the top. Dont forget the bamboo poles stitchedwith bamboo to keep the basket off the ground and offer serious structural support. Linedwith a synthetic fixed drawstring lining (not removable). If it had wheels Id drive it.

Bamboo Our bamboo products are made from wild bamboo found in the dense tropical forests of Thailand. The bamboo is cut to natural partition lengths, and then double fumigated and oven-dried to ensure pest removal and weather resistance.Finding uniform sized bamboo is a challenge, but our craftsmen are able to minimize variation in product. The bamboo is fumigated once before cutting into appropriately sized lengths. A varnish is then added to achieve the desired tone before the product is baked to remove moisture (which helps prevent later cracking).

Sku : BF110DW52
Colors : Dark Natural

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