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Aged Wheels

Aged Wheels

Aged Wooden Wheel on BaseThese popular home decor items complement any interior design. The wheels were used by rice farmers across Northern Thailand over the last century. Generally between 30 and 70 years old, we collected these striking pre-industrial artifacts from remote villages where they had outlived their usefulness. Crafted by hand from local hardwoods, they had been mounted on carts pulled by oxen, horses, and even elephants. Naturally dried and aged over the ensuing years, the weathered symmetry of these round shapes now seem more like a work of art than a farmers tool. Displayed on a removable base, the eye is inevitably drawn to them in any setting. Each wheel is unique, so expect the delivered sizes to vary within the categories below.

Wood Eastern Serenitys carved wood products come from environmentally friendly tropical wood. Tropical Thai wood is the perfect material for all the wood products you will find here at Eastern Serenity. The wood used is fumigated and oven-dried to ensure pest removal and provide weather resistance. Each item is hand carved using traditional techniques passed down through generations of skilled artisans. Appropriately sized pieces of wood are used to minimize waste. The basic shape is carved using large chisels and block hammers, the sculpture becoming increasingly more defined as the finer details are then carved into the wood piece using detailing tools, fine sanding, and intricate brushwork. This attention to detail creates a piece that will add its unique presence to any environment.

Sku : WH060NW050
Colors : Natural
Size : Small ( H: 21" W: 21" L: 21" )

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