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Buddha Statues
Buddha Statues

Buddha Statues

Buddha statues have a long history of lending peace and contemplative calm to the home and community in the East You don't have to be a Buddhist to enjoy the smooth, soothing images of the Buddha and other pieces from our collection.


Buddha Statues are said to offer the owner protection from evil spirits and bad karma as well attracting good fortunes; wealth, health and luck.

Each individual Buddha statue has a unique meaning, bringing varieties of luck or protection from different spirits.

Each of our handmade and cast bronze Buddha statues has deep spiritual undertones, symbolic of the religious passion felt in the region of South East Asia.


Buddha Sculptures

Buddha Sculptures are found in a wide variety of postures and arrangements. The most common form of posture is the sitting Buddha statue in a lotus posture.

This Buddha statue pose displays inner and outer balance, peace and tranquility. Many Buddha Statues sit on a pedestal in a lotus blossom which portray the enlightened being or emptiness.

All our Buddha statues are shipped promptly and efficiently from our warehouse in Santa Fe, New Mexico.















Small Buddha Statue

Personal Thai Buddha Statue

Price: $39

Bronze Buddha Statues

Amida Sitting Buddha Statue

Price: from $179 to $995

Small Buddha Statues

Amida Sitting Lotus

Price: from $89 to $995

Meditate Buddha Statues

Amida Budda on Base

Price: $195

Meditating Buddha Statues

Calling Earth to Witness

Price: $695

Standing Buddha Sculpture

Sukothai Standing

Price: $295

Walking Buddha Statues

Walking Buddha on Oval

Price: $169

Lotus Buddha Statue
Crowned Buddha

Price: $1,795

Meditating Buddha Statues

Royal Buddha Statue

Price: $1,495

Standing Buddha Statue

Ayuttaya Standing

Price: $595

Buddha Statues

Walking Buddha

Price: $595

Buddha Statues
Day of the Week Buddha

Price: $695

Meditating Buddha Statues

Amida Sitting on Lotus

Price: $149

Meditation Buddha Sculpture

Sukothai Sitting Buddha

Price: $349

Buddha Garden Statue

Garden Buddha Statue

Price: $1.995

Reclining Buddha Statue
Conquering Death Buddha

Price: from $129.99 to $495

Sitting Buddha Statue

King of Kings

Price: from $100 to $200

Wood Buddha Statue

Dhyana Wood Buddha

Price: $249

Wooden Buddha Statue

Sukothai Wooden Buddha Statue

Price: from $49 to $699

Wooden Buddha Sculpture

Price: $129

Wood Buddha Statue

Dispelling Fear

Price: from $299 to $999

Carved Buddha Statue

Buddha of Healing Powers

Price: from $299 to $699

Wooden Buddha Statue

Monk with Alms

Price: $149

Buddha Shiva Statue

Buddha with Shiva Statue

Price: $695